Monday, June 8, 2009

Think and Grow rich - Assets make you rich

To be rich and wealthy , you need to know what is assets and what is laibility. As robert kiyosaki mention in "rich dad poor dad" Assets is something that put money in your pocket and liabilty take money out of your pocket.

For example car is a liability because it take money out of your pocket every month.

But there are still many people think that the car are assets which they can sell away and get cash but remember that what you spend is much more than what you take back

Assets are real estate that you own and you rent to people .what you get from the rental are passive income which make the real estate an assets.

Keep increasing you assets instead of liability which many people are doing that make them poorer.There are people who make 10k a month or even more but they are spending on liability which make them poorer even they are making 10k a month.

To think and grow rich you need to know that Assets is the real wealth not cash

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